Fear The Leader: Album Now Available Worldwide!

Fear The Leader: Album Now Available Worldwide!

Fear The Leader: Album Now Available Worldwide!Fear The Leader: Album Now Available Worldwide!Fear The Leader: Album Now Available Worldwide!


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" said the great Roman philosopher Seneca. The making of the Canadian metal band Fear The Leader and of their superb (self-titled) first album perfectly illustrate this.

It seems like Montreal-based lead guitarist/composer/producer Stephane Dufour has been preparing all his life for this project, having released two instrumental guitar shred albums worldwide through Steve Vai’s label, having been the lead guitar player in Dennis DeYoung’s band and also in the (BMG) hard-rock band Saints & Sinners, and having produced, composed and played with some of the biggest stars in Quebec, as well as on numerous movie soundtracks. But in the Summer of 2018, Stephane felt like the time had come for him to record an album of the kind of music he is the biggest fan of: Heavy Metal.

Sébastien Chiasson is an amazing singer from Lamèque (New Brunswick) who has honed for many years his skills as a singer, performer, and guitar player (winner of the EMG Metallica challenge), being part of various cover and original bands, and a big fan of Pantera, Devin Townsend, Megadeth and Metallica. Being an ex-wrestler, this imposing stage figure has a powerful voice that commands attention, and that blew away Stephane Dufour during a chance meeting at a Festival in Tracadie (N.B.) during the Summer of 2018. Sebastien’s fantastic voice was exactly what Stephane was hearing in his head while composing these new songs.

They instantly hit it off and decided right there and then to join forces for this project, and form this band... And what followed is quite mind blowing: Stephane would record drums, bass, guitars, and keys in his state-of-the-art Montreal studio, and would send the tracks to Sebastien in New-Brunswick, who would then write lyrics at home and then record his vocals in his own little home studio: his car !  And every time Stephane received the vocal tracks back, he had a good chuckle knowing that this incredible voice was recorded in a parked car… They did the entire album like that, and once Stephane had everything produced and mixed he reached out to a Steve Vai-connected engineer to master the album: Richard G Benoit, who put the final shine on these tracks.  After almost a year of hard work, the result is a powerful album with 10 great tracks, with incredible highlights such as Gone, Psycho Brain, King of the Sky, and Merchants of Pain, easily one of the best Canadian Metal Albums heard in years, which got them a worldwide deal with the New York office of The Orchard, a hot and dynamic company now owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

“This pact enables us to have our music heard around the world, to play our music on the big world stage and show what this band can do live !’’ says Stephane Dufour.

This album is now available worldwide through The Orchard/Sony Music. Get ready for the next big name in Metal: Fear The Leader.